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We specialize in assisting student pilots in South Africa get their flying licenses faster and for less.

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14 Months to get your Frozen SACAA and EASA ATPL! That’s 2 licenses in one…

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From obtaining your student VISA to finishing your flight training, we assist you with everything.

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Student visa processing

We’ve got a full-time team of experts who have been working with student VISA processing for more than 30 years. Our VISA team will assist you obtaining your students VISA when it is required. If our students choose to do an EASA license, as well as SACAA, they will spend a few months in Spain, and therefore require a VISA.

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We have partnered with luxury hotels to give you the most cost-effective, yet most luxurious accommodation on the market. All the accommodation we offer, includes modern, furnished apartments, with wifi, air conditioning and laundry facilities. Our students deserve the best and therefore we only offer the best!

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We have all our own transport vehicles! Therefore our students don’t need to worry about catching an Uber or taxi… Our transport system will do trips to and from the airfield and accommodation, weekly town trips and many more! We do not force our SA students to make use of our transport, as we understand many of them have their own cars already!

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Flight Training

We have sourced the most affordable and most efficient flight schools in the world. All training is on international standards and will take you from knowing nothing to a frozen SACAA and/or EASA ATPL. In total, our course will take you about 14 months to get your frozen ATPL and will cost you less than ZAR 1,300 000. This price includes everything, from flying to accommodation and more!

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License conversion process

Depending on the license you choose to complete, you will either remain in South Africa to complete the ATPL or you will go to Spain to do the EASA license conversion process. Both of these steps, no matter which one you choose, is handled by us! We help you through every step of the way and make sure the process runs smoothly. We have a partner flight school in Spain that handles the flight training and works directly with us to keep up the high standards of training! 

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Social and welfare

We take full responsibility for you during all stages of your training. We will help with organizing great social events and keeping flying fun! If you have any problems or queries during your journey with us, you will have access to a 24.7/365 student social welfare assistant who will always be just a call or message away. It is extremely important to us that you don’t only enjoy the flight training and course itself, but also enjoy your time as a student and therefore our main goal is to make sure you have fun!

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We have partnered with the BEST! logo, the best online pilot mentoring course in Africa, will be conducting the theory training for all our students.

ExamRevolution is an online pilot theory training program that helps student pilots pass their theory exams first time and with high marks. This has been shown through their extremely high first time pass rate of a magnificent 90% - unmatched by any other ground school in South Africa.

Interested to buy an online course to enhance your flying knowledge? Learn more, by visiting their website today!

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Learn to fly in

The Number 1 Voted City In The World

For the seventh year, Cape Town has been voted the best city in the world. Cape Town is world-renowned for it’s great shopping centres, beautiful beaches, unique wine farms, wonderful sightseeing areas and the low cost of living which it offers. Combine all of that with the near-perfect weather that Cape Town has and you’ve got the best there is to offer. Training in South Africa is a dream to many people, and we have the privilege of living in the country! So what’s stopping you from doing your training with us and exploring the country from the skies?

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If you are looking to get your pilot’s license with a structured course, fora very competitive price you pay elsewhere in South Africa and less than half the price overseas, in the best city and with a mentor that will guide you through every step of the way, you have come to the right place!

We only work with selected individuals and we are looking for students who are highly motivated, professional and willing to give it their all to make their dream become a reality. If you suit this criteria, book a free call with us and let’s start talking. Your wings are waiting!

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